Free Shipping to the Continental United States.

Why is shipping so expensive?
FedEx and UPS charge shipping fees by weight. Shipping costs per glass drop quickly with bigger orders. Add more products to your order to see shipping costs go down to acceptable levels.

Can German-style pickles made in America be as good as German imports?
Yes! German sausage makers like have long dispelled the myth that quality German products cannot be made in America. It is no different with pickles. When the Kruegermann family fled communist East Germany and started pickling in California, they preserved their traditional ways. This commitment guarantees American-made pickles ar at par with German imports. Excellent weather and soil in California's Central Valley provide for first-class fresh ingredients for Kruegermann products.

When will Spreewaldhof GetOne! Pickles be available again?
Importing pickles is very costly and has to be prepared well. We intend to import Spreewaldhof GetOnes! again sometime, but cannot guarantee it.

Do you have fixed package sizes?
No. The warehouse hand-picks and packs every order. You can mix up any combination of products. What brings shipping costs down is the number of glasses, regardless which product you order.